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Interpretation Service

TIS Translation Agency provides specialists in Thai language and English language interpretation services as well as many other European and Asian languages. Our team of interpreters is experienced, professional and skilled, not only in the interpretation languages but also in specific areas of business and subject areas. Their understanding and grasp of industry specific terminology and protocol is accurate and informed, as is their experienced appreciation of appropriate ways of communicating information.

We ensures that critical business meetings and important information sharing are carried out in a professional manner with no room for misinterpretations and no time wasting, so that effective negotiations and discussions can take place between parties speaking different languages. Interpretation is essential for any business working in an international market.

Speak what you wish, we will convey it to your audience.

You can trust on us for an interpretation service that is targeted at keeping you satisfied all the way. It becomes possible because of our professionally trained and qualified linguists who remain prepared to serve you the way you need. Most importantly, our interpreters ensure that the intended message is conveyed to the parties involved maintaining an optimum level of accuracy in the first place.

Major Type of Interpreting Services

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Conference-interpreting-ThailandConsecutive interpretation is one of the most popular and commonly used methods of language interpretation. In this scenario, the interpreter takes a pause and lets the speaker finish his words first before the interpretation begins. Fortunately, you do not need to look any further for such interpreters, we offer proficient consecutive interpreters for every of your meetings, court appearances, business meetings, depositions, hearings, arbitrations, trials, polygraph examinations etc.

Conference-interpreting-ThailandIn simultaneous interpretation method, the interpreters do not wait for the speaker to finish his words; rather the speech and the interpretation go simultaneously. We have a dedicated conference department for such purpose that is staffed by a highly-experienced team of coordinators to make sure that every aspect of your multilingual event proceeds to the finish smoothly.

Our interpretation services include:

  •  Simultaneous interpreting
  •  Consecutive interpreting
  •  Escort interpreting
  •  Whispering interpreting
  •  Medical Interpreting
  •  Telephone/conference and video phone interpreting
  •  Face-to-face interpreting
  •  Business meetings, negotiations and conferences
  •  Machinery and system installations
  •  Financial transactions
  •  Exhibitions and speeches
  •  Social service meetings and legal meetings and hearings


Interpretation equipment is also available for rental for use in meetings and conferences whereby the host requires simultaneous interpretation facilities for attendees and participants. The fully-serviced equipment is provided on-time, in well serviced, good condition at reasonable rates for one-off seminars and meetings to longer conferences and exhibitions.

TIS Translation provides interpretations services in various languages:

  •  English-Thai
  •  Japanese-Thai
  •  Korean-Thai
  •  Chinese-Thai
  •  Myanmar-Thai
  •  French-Thai, French-English
  •  Spanish-Thai, Spanish-English
  •  Italian-Thai, Italian-English
  •  Dutch-Thai, Dutch-English
  •  Hindi-Thai, Hindi-English
  •  Khmer-Thai, Khmer-English
  •  and many other languages
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Contact Information

TIS Translation
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