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Philippine-Thai/English Translation and Interpreting service

TIS Translation offers Philippine translation services by our skillful, native Philippine translators. Our Philippine translation services are delivered to customers all over the world. We provide translation in various topics including but not limited to websites, labels, brochures, pamphlets, posters, catalogues, birth certificate, marriage certificate, driver license, business proposal, police report, food menu, etc. We have clients who repeatedly use our services on a regular basis due to our commitment to quality, accuracy and professionalism.

Our services include:
  • Tagalog into Thai translation
  • Thai into Tagalog translation
  • Tagalog into English translation
  • English into Tagalog translation
  • Cebuano into English translation
  • English into Cebuano translation
  • Llocano into English translation
  • English into Llocano translation
  • Hiligaynon into English translation
  • English into Hiligaynon translation


For accurate and reliable translation service in Bangkok, call us today to request a free quote.

Embassy of The Republic of the Philippines in Thailand
Address:  760 Sukhumvit Road corner Soi Philippines (Soi 30/1) Bangkok 10110, Kingdom of Thailand
Contact no.:  (+662) 259-0139/40 or (+662) 258-5401

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Contact Information

TIS Translation
11,13 Paknam ,
Mueang samut prakan ,
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