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Lao/Laotian-Thai/English Translation and Interpreting Service

If you are looking for a professional Lao/Laotian translation service provider you are at the right place. TIS Translation offer the most reliable Lao/Laotian translatiLao-translator-2ons services of high quality, accuracy and delivery in time to fulfill your needs in every aspects.

Our Lao/Laotian translators

Before our Lao/Laotian translators to be included into our company database, they must undergo the stringent selection process. We use only qualified, professional and experienced Lao/Laotian translators who specialize in specific areas and translate only into their native language. Hence, any translation project handled by TIS Translation will always be delivered of high quality and accuracy adapted to the target audience of a specific country.

TIS Translation offers professional Lao/Laotian translation services by our expert Thai and native Lao/Laotian translators.

Our services include:
  •   Lao/Laotian into Thai translation
  •   Thai into Lao/Laotian translation
  •   Lao/Laotian into English translation
  •   English into Lao/Laotian translation

What translations we provide?

Need a translation in Lao/Laotian from and into Thai or English? We can definitely help you no matter you have a small document, a website, a leaflet, a letter, legal, technical, business, computer and IT, or financial documents to translate.
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Contact Information

TIS Translation
11,13 Paknam ,
Mueang samut prakan ,
Samut Prakan 10270,